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the british parliament vote really leave the u.s., do you think, and president obama? >> really it leaves the u.s. in a tight spot. president obama has to make this a clear decision about foreign policy. this is no longer just about chemical weapons being used in syria. this is now about basically iran and the broader region. we have iran influencing everything happening in syria at this point, the fallout there being in lebanon, in turkey. we also have the threat of a nuclear weapons program in iran. if president obama were to look weak on iran, what that means is inevitably there would be questions about his foreign policy. in politics, you can make and break promises every day but on foreign policy you want to stay strong. some are pushing back on the president, asking for more evidence month, time. congress is out of session now. who knows how long that kind of delay would setback any kind of missile action, missile strike. >> unlike the british parliament which makes fairly binding on the government, the president of the united states is commander in chief, can do what he likes and s
of a limited response. at the same time, president obama set out the case for military intervention saying the u.s. is certain the syrian government has used chemical weapons against its people and there must be international consequences. speaking to pbs news hour, he walked a cautious line saying the white house had not made a final decision on its response and stressed he wanted to send a warning shot to president bashar al assad rather than get drawn into a long conflict. >> we're saying in a clear and decisive, but very limited way, we send a shot across the bow saying stop doing this, that can have a positive impact on our national security over the long-term. >> right. our own hadly gamble is outside parliament in london. the original vote is being postponed and greatly watered down today. which means british military action is in the going to happen imminently. there is still the prospect of u.s. action happening. how is this being perceived right now within the middle east? >> well, first, within the middle east there is a great deal uncertainty, we saw in the markets over the las
's prime minister is meeting president obama as the imf is warning of a new capital short fall. is the u.s. the answer to greece's economic woes. we'll be discussing that with the country's former transport and infrastructure minister at 11:20 cet. and find out why companies are missing out as digital advertising takes off. we'll look at a potential winner and losers also with the wall street journal's john jeneron. and deutsche telekom warning of a profit slowdown in 2013 and looking toward north america for growth. where are the opportunities for this particular sector. we'll talk about that at 11:50 central european time. hope you had your pens and pencils ready. you can find us on e-mail as usual, and you can as per usual find us on twitter. but, again, just coming back to one of the stories breaking on our wires, we're hearing that there has been a quake in western japan. no tsunami warning issued according to dow jones news wires quoting media and magnitude of 2.3 is the magnitude of this quake in western japan. again, no tsunami warning issued. >>> let's move o
the market has been to those concerns over stability in egypt. still to come in the show, president obama says thanks, but no thanks as lawmakers and washington insiders lend advise on ben bernanke's replacement. who are investors backing for the top job? we'll discuss after the break. [ male announcer ] it's time. time to have new experiences with a familiar keyboard. to update our status without opening an app. to have all our messages in one place. to browse... and share... faster than ever. ♪ it's time to do everything better than before. the new blackberry q10. it's time. >>> welcome back to the show. president obama wants some space to decide who he will be nominating to replace fed chairman ben bernanke. reuters reports the white house is annoyed that senate democrats wrote a letter to the president critical of former treasury secretary larry summers, urging him to pick fed vice chair janet yellen instead. deputy chief of staff nabor addressed the issue with harry reid's top staffer who says reid will support whom ever the president chooses. president obama isn't expected to make
. a debt ceiling looming and obama care set to go into effect within two months. congress goes on holiday today with a big to-do list. 11:30 we'll be in washington for the latest on the u.s. political agenda. [ male announcer ] it's time. time to have new experiences with a familiar keyboard. to update our status without opening an app. to have all our messages in one place. to browse... and share... faster than ever. ♪ it's time to do everything better than before. the new blackberry q10. it's time. it's time to do everything better than before. >>> samsung stock tumbled earlier today as it patent battle with apple took a new twist. the obama administration vetoed an import ban on old apple products in the u.s. for more we're in seoul. >> hey there. samsung electronics shares closed session down 1%. samsung can't appeal against this because the president was the final verdict. we do have an update. samsung apparently submitted an appeal to itc's ruling back in june which let apple off the hook on samsung's claims that it infringed upon some of samsung's patents. samsung is expected to
the eurozone needs common debt markets to fix the block debt crisis. >>> president obama says he's confident the greek prime minister is committed to taking the tough actions needed under the nation's international bailout, meeting with samaras at the white house, obama emphasized the importance of growth over consolidation, saying that austerity is not the only strategy. >> it is important that we have a plan for fiscal consolidation to manage the debt, but it is also important that growth in jobs are a focus. >> and striking more defiant term, the greek prime minister suggested the forechutunes of ee and greece were intertwined. >> if greece succeeds and it will succeed, our success story is also a european success story and i believe this is very important. >> brazil's finance minister called on the imf to review its aid package for greece and the broader eurozone. his comments came as he was attempting to clarify the stance on greek latest aid tranche. brazil had abstained from the vote, but switched its position to support it and said this had occurred due to a communication problem wit
barack obama, a clear sign and clear message to the egyptian military, and effective punitive response, you could argue, to basically rein in the violence and get the country back on track. a lot of observers will call for further measures and there will be a lot of discussions in the united states and elsewhere about why he didn't go the extra mile of cutting off financial assistance to the tune of $1.3 billion. that's a key discussion point and also we'll just have to wait and see how this day evolves. it is a key day. the muslim brotherhood will fight this to the very end and the death toll may rise further. carolin? >> yousuf, thank you for that update. make sure you do stay safe. >>> the violence in egypt is playing a part in the moves that we're seeing in the commodity markets. brent had a four-month high yesterday, and the concerns of supply disruptions through the suez canal. the price of precious metals also rallied as investors were seeking safe havens. silver jumped more than 5.5% to a three-month high. gold hit a two-month high. this morning, though, brent crude just a tap
in all of this. president obama once said that once the red line is crossed, relating to the use of chemical weapons, the u.s. would act decisively. it seems as though that red line has now been crossed, but, you know, many people would argue the u.s. is still dragging its feet. what are the constraints that the u.s. is facing? >> we saw yesterday in the white house press briefing we saw an administration loathe to talk about red lines as all. struggling to stay on message, the message now is obama care and will be that for the next couple of weeks. they're looking to the international community to take some kind of stance, some kind of action before they can even begin to commit at least verbally to doing something in syria. >> okay. hadley, thank you so much for that. and i know you're up really late trying to gather all the information. we appreciate that. >>> meanwhile, coming up on today's show, the guessing game continues as there are no more clues about tapering from the latest fed minutes. but are markets and investors overreacting? yes is the answer, that's acc d accord
on to syria have raised many questions about the obama administration's foreign policy. i asked him about the muslim brotherhood, did the obama administration support the muslim brotherhood too soon? were they naive? >> not naive, but they crossed many of the principles that america stands for. they closed an eye on the atrocities, closed an eye on the defendtions from institutions, closed an eye on mr. morsi attacking the judges, trying to take the power in his hand, cracking on the media. these things don't happen in the west. why did they close an eye on all that. and then when we toppled the guy, they turned against us. it was ridiculous. >> that being said, if there is a spectrum between being completely ineffectual and being able to affect policy and change in egypt, where does the u.s. rank on that spectrum right now? >> right now, it is best for them to lay low, concentrate in syria and lead us to serve our problems. >> you heard egyptian businessman saying that the americans should focus on syria and leave the egyptians to take care of egypt. they're ready and willing to do so. w
by president obama. >>> elsewhere, some of dell's largest investors who have on stained from voting on the company's buyout have told the board they would back the deal at the latest price. michael dell and silver lake partners raised the offer last week $17.75 a share, on the condition the board change the voting rules. dell sherpecial board committee rejected that vote. they are demanding friday's vote not be postponed again. if it is, they say dell is obligated to hold its annual shareholders meeting where they would submit an alternative slate of directors. dell stock in frankfurt is up about a third. >>> still to come, what's driving u.s. auto sales? we'll go behind the wheel to preview what is expected to be another month of strong demand for vehicles in nearly every make and model. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. s
dressed among first ladies? not michelle obama. penn lang landed on top. find out why she's leading a fashion revolution on the website. and control problems on twitter spell problems for any possible ipo. recent issues on the microblogging service with internet bullies could prove harmful when the company decides to go public. find out why on you can follow us on twitter @cnbcworld. >>> still to come, fresh off the back of solid manufacturing data, a check on britain's construction sector after this. duncan brock joins us in a few moments. [ male announcer ] it's time. time to have new experiences with a familiar keyboard. to update our status without opening an app. to have all our messages in one place. to browse... and share... faster than ever. ♪ it's time to do everything better than before. the new blackberry q10. it's time. >>> these are the headlines from around the globe. u.s. is expected to report a fourth straight month of solid job gains in july, another encouraging sign for the still sluggish economy. tough time to take over for new rbs ceo ross mcewan. sha
" right after this. >>> president obama heads to phoenix in arizona to continue his summer tour. he's expected to call on congress to back a bipartisan measure to shutter mortgage giants freddie mac and fannie mae. the president will also renew effort for sweeping mortgage refinancing legislation. >>> morgan stanley looking to sell a minority stake in the commodity business which evens three u.s. power plants and a pipeline. the reports say the bank has been shopping the u.nit for mor than a year. it isn't close to a deal. reports say the company isn't being pressed to sell the entire business, despite ownership of physical commodities. morgan stanley stock up .75% in frankfurt. >>> chevron will pay a $2 million fine stemming from the fire at its richmond, california, refinery last august. smoke from the fire sent hundreds of residents to hospitals with breathing problems. the blaze also closed down the facility located in the san francisco, raising gasoline prices. richmond refinery accounts for 10% of the west coast fuel refining capacity. chevron stock up a third. >>> and christi
they're out of the woods because of the passage of time. the obama administration has been criticized for not bringing criminal charges against any top executives over the 2008 market meltdown. >>> deliveries of aluminum to warehouses run by big banks and trading firms have reportedly plunged this summer. the wall street journal says the slump reflects the retreat by banks from the once lucrative commodities business amid stagnant markets and increased scrutiny. shipment was down 79% this month versus two months ago. >>> let me just bring you numbers from bank of communication, if you bear with me just a second. bank of communications says second quarter net profit was at 17.1 billion yuan. first half net profit stood at 34.8 billion yuan. this is against a forecast of 34.39 billion yuan. just a tad better than forecast. bocom says newshamy stays as chief of the bank. >>> just how smart could your living space be? after the break, we look at the microapartment boom taking place in some u.s. cities. we'll be back in two. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record befo
impact on the actual numbers. but obviously the korean government will be quite upset with the obama administration if they don't veto samsung's ban in the next 60 days. many also blame the u.s. government for triggering a trade war, and that means u.s. authority and the overall mood in the country are favoring apple. bear in mind, foreign ownership of samsung stocks have slipped to 47% which looks like a lot, but it's actually the lowest in more than three years. so samsung is perhaps also worried that this ruling could have a kind of ripple effect across the world. but for now investors don't seem to be too concerned at this point. back to you. >> thank you so much for that. >>> still to come on the show, over the past five years, the global financial landscape has changed, but what has the crisis done for illicit industries? this week we'll take a look at the economics of organized crime starting with drugs up next. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it'
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)